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What do I need to get married?

All you need to get married is a Florida Marriage License, both of your valid IDs, and a reservation! See below to find out how to get a  marriage license.

How do I get a Florida Marriage License?

Click HERE to find out how to obtain a Florida Marriage License and to read about Marriage License FAQs.


The marriage license will have a 3-day waiting period before the license is active UNLESS the couple has previously completed a premarital counseling course.


For you, Chaplain Scott made his very own DIY PREMARITAL COURSE* that is FREE when you book your wedding with us! This premarital counseling course is an easy, DIY, 52-question booklet with the required certification sheet for the courthouse. This premarital course is so easy and actually SAVES $$$ off the cost of your marriage license when you bring in your signed certification sheet!

*Premarital course currently valid in Duval, Baker, and St. Johns Counties

How do I Book my Wedding?

To book your wedding ONLINE, please click HERE. If you have any questions not answered here, please text "GRAND" to (904)309-0606 and one of our wedding specialists will be happy to help!

Can I get married without a marriage license?

Just like you cannot drive without your driver's license, you cannot get married without a marriage license. You must purchase a State of Florida Marriage License at least 3 days before getting married (unless you have completed a FL premarital counseling course). Then, you can get married!

What are the benefits of Chaplain Scott's premarital counseling course?

Many benefits come with completing premarital counseling! Most counselors cost hundreds of dollars to complete premarital counseling, but our DIY course is easy and free! Not only is it free, but it actually SAVES you money! It saves $25 off the marriage license fee AND waives the 3-day waiting period, so you can get married same-day!

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